Sunday, November 30, 2008

weekly assignments 2

1st image: (mind + ref) = tried to get mood through light and composition, tried to incorporate photos in it. Everything is taken from photos and then painted over, i had a b/w thumbnail as a guide. i didn´t paint from reference though...but i don´t know why...wanted to make it fast..but it didn´t go really fast..(3hrs)

other imgs: (from ref) = the one on the left is the original, i tried to get the value range, and understand how the material would react to light.

ok, this week i haven´t done much...thing is i tried to make illustrations for 2 different contests, while also working on a board game project with a friend that is 3weeks late compared to the schedule (and we got 20 days left =) eheh ).
I ended up doing 2 different illustrations just for one contest, having lots of problems with composition and giving a sense to my pieces, and concepts.

i did some studies on materials and value, since i was a bit struggling with them in the latest studies last week. uhm...i also reworked my goals and made a power point document, quite detailed and that i can update whenever i learn something more. i took the requirements to work as a concept artist at blizzard as they are stated on their site, and tried to understand what it meant, what was required to know, and what´s my actual knowledge. I can say i´m no where near 10% of the knowledge i should have ahahahha, some things like creature anathomy, or industrial design, are completely unknown to me, and i really struggle with environments, but this is giving me atleast a good view on the situation, and whenever i want i can go and pick a subject to learn and get closer to my goal.
For example today i started working with 2 -3 different programs or visual medias to get better results( ie: using photos in my concept art to speed the process (even though it took double time inthe end =) , and learning a 3d program to then import rendered images in ps). I also understood a bit of composition, and simple ways to making it work at a basic level (even if i continue to screw it up uncosciously =) )
uhm..anyway i still have problems believing that i suck at art, wich is directly related to me sucking at art xD and vice versa =)

after 4th or 5th week now, i still haven´t got good at focusing on important stuff, i continue to do 30 things at a time, and this sucks...cause i can´t study, but then again, i like doing them, and they keep me in contact wth people, so i guess they have their purpose =)

gonna sleep some now, take care! (whoever will be reading this =) )

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