Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekly sketches

1st and 2nd: life drawing class
3rd: from mind
4th: mind and reference used for most of the props and cloths, aswell as hands and a bit for the stance.

I´m trying to get this done right, but i think i´m still not there. If i should put everything i know into a drawing it would take me a lot of time, uhmmm. But anyway now i understand that the sketches from mind are like benchmarks to see what is my actual level, and what do i need to improve more to reach my goal, so that i can focus on that. This week i worked with concepts, trying to get interesting concepts to draw. I find out that i usually just doodle on a subject and then draw whatever my mind anchors to faster. I start throwing random lines and then try to see ideas in them. But this limits me a lot when trying to come up with interesting and original ideas, cause it´s hard to concentrate on both drawing and concepting at the same time. I still think that it´s good to use some unpredictable method of creation, but it must work in a freamework of pre-thought ideas. I managed to do this in the skecth from mind+immag i think, even if i didn't manage to convey the concept i had pre-though. So this is something i will work on the next week i think. Along side with studying more hand and head anathomy and a bit of gesture...=)

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Mark Winters said...


Great work with this blog!

I can tell you you are understanding most of the main concepts very well. From reading what you've been thinking about the sketches you are right. Now put into practice!

You mentioned that sketching everything you know in each sketch would take you forever but consider spreading what you can around the three sketches each week. In one you can focus on anatomy and texture, the other values and composition and the last dynamics and linework etc,.

As far as concepting goes, I personally start very very vague. A soft brush, no real direction, I work softly and get stronger and more specific as I go. Eventually I get to the point where I chisel out nice sharp edges at the points of interest.

I agree in that you shouldn't use these exercises as CHOWs or any other final pieces. These are exercises. They are meant to help you understand yourself and how you work and what you need to focus on. Keep it there. CHOWs are great and I very much encourage participating in them but its a different sort of learning experience.

I won't go through the previous artworks posted here but I will do my best to keep up with your progress from here on.

I'm very encouraged by what you've come up with so far. Keep posting and I'll keep coming back! :)