Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekly assignments

1st: life
3rd: mind
4th: mind/life WIP
The girl is from a photo but the pose and angle are different, and there is no car...I tried to focus on textures of the jeans, likeness of the face, and finding an idea behind the pice...i wanted a pin-up style thing, but i´m not sure about it now...i don´t like the car, mainly the colors, i am doubtfull about the colors. I suppose (because i got used to it) that the immage is too saturated everywhere, so the next step will be to desaturate even more the background, and keep more focus on the face. I will also have the dark part of the background come a little to the left of the immage to add more contrast to the face. (i didn´t do it now because the face i messed up and more contrast would have shown it really badly =)..i tried xD )

thi morning i found a comment by mark, and i was really happy and motivated eheh. But i didn´t really do any setches as i was attending a 24hours workshop at school so i spent the day thinking about a concept to develope and then freezing in the rain trying to take some pictures for a surrealistic image...Lachapelle style =) I ended up drawing humoristic comic strips and i´m still not done with it, but it´s late..too late to actually think about some funny joke in swedish xD

Last weeks sketches that i´m posting now focused on hands, i did many quikc sketches of hands everywhere is was, then i focused some more time to do these 2 ones. Trying to get the anathomy right, without much success, but after a week i think i got the hand of it, so next i´ll go with some heads, that are my other weakest point.
I´ve listened through the whoal book : goals , and i found it very insightfull. Some stuff i knew, some i supposed, some i didn´t know...but hearing it said from someone else had a different sound in my ears, and seriously got me thinking =) I´ll have to listen to it some more times though to get all the informations into my brain xD Anyway i´ve started to state my 10 goals 2 times a day, but as of now i still find myself really out of focus, so i´m trying to select just one goal i want to pursue each day, and write down 20 or so, ways to achieve it, then trying to work on them.
I previously thought that it was easier to draw something that i knew, that i could see in my mind, but didnt really pay much attention to it. Some times i could nail a drawing in 2 seconds, really 2, not 3 =) other times i would doodle on a piece for 3 hours and not get a single line right...=) i really think that it all depended by the ideas i had in my mind. If you don´t have any idea in your mind is hard to draw it...everyone can draw a square, because we know how it looks like, we know the structure, it´s stored in our brain, and we can reproduce it always in every situation or angle. But most important we can see it clearly in our mind, clear, we can see ourselves drawing it, each line, even the color of the graphite on the paper...but i can also draw cubes...i can see myself draw cubes, so why can´t i see myself drawing ipods, or cars, or people...we all dream, and in our dreams we have fully rendered humans, and cars. This means that, at least in part, we should be able to see those things in our minds, and if you can see it in our mind, then you can draw it, it just requires patience, and focus...at least to me. But then these images might not be as detailed as the reality itself, we probably have blanks in some parts, that´s when life drawing should come and fill the gaps, i think... But for example as far as concepting and drawing from mind, it´s all in our minds, we see monsters in our minds everyday, and if we can just stop and focus, on them, we can render them in our minds first, and then nail them in 2 seconds. I tried this yesterday and it worked. I didn´t nail all the details, but that´s because i didn´t focus on them while visualizing the character in my mind. The more you previsualize, the more you´ll be able to draw right away. Aftrall drawing is just mark making. The marks you make depend on your brain, and on what your brain tells your arm and hand to do. The more clear your brain knows what the result should be the more clearly it can give orders to the hand to make it happen...uhm...maybe i´ll find out that it´s more complicated..but for now i´m quite sure it works this way =) now i only have to be more courageous and stop thinking: i´m gonna draw some crap now, before i try to draw something new =)

i´m positive yes! i need to focus more though =) now sleep=)

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Mark Winters said...

Hey there! Great updates, man! You are working so hard! Great work!

I'll start with the sketches you did and go from there.

Hands. Hands are trick to master. They contort and do crazy things while changing shape, but while they are changing their forms so drastically they still look like hands. What I've done is to learn to draw hands with little reference so that when i do draw a referenced hand I still understand the forms better. I started drawing hands as soft cube shapes - a rounded cube for the palm, rounded cubes for fingers and thumb. It's funny that it's rare to find an artist who can draw hands from life if they can't do a decent job from imagination. You're doing a fine job with these. I especially like that you did one from life and one from imagination, which is something I would strongly suggest anyone doing if they want to learn to draw hands convincingly. Good job.

Interesting sketch of Odin. The first thing that stands out is that his arms are too long. You seem to have that tendency in general, so watch that. The elbow ends just around or below where the rib cage ends and the wrist just below where the greater trochanter is. Keep that in mind and you should be golden. The design is interesting, he's got some cool stuff going on with his head. I think the costuming could use some love. Researching and studying actual article of clothing could help you here in creating some truly believable costuming. The way capes are sewn, the way accouterments are held on a figure, like the skull on the belt. Stuff like that.

The pinup figure is a good place to talk about using reference to create a better, more believable image. When I use reference to create an image from life and imagination I have reference for almost everything, they just won't be together, or related to the final image. For instance, say i want to create a lizard man in a 1920's Americana type setting, in a bowler hat, suit, cane, tommy-gun, that sort of thing. I'll start a sketch completely from imagination. Then, based on the sketch I'll grab some reference, a few pics of lizards, some pics of old 1920's clothing, hats, maybe a few vintage photographs, an old tommy gun etc. After I gather my resources I'll then 'put them together' in my drawing. So, while a sketch of a 1920's gangster-lizard is obviously from imagination, the entire image is supported on my use of reference. You're image of the woman leaning on a car could use some reference of a trunk of a car. There are a kagillion cars probably outside your door that you can go shoot a piece of reference of. Do a little legwork and you should have plenty of material at your disposal. Many many illustrators spend fully half their time on paintings just gathering good reference. Not just any old reference, but really good reference that will directly help them create the best possible picture. I don't expect you to do THAT much for a sketch, but just so ya know.

Concerning drawing things from imagination: If you can see it clearly in your mind you can successfully recreate it. CLARITY is king here. You are right. This is why we do studies, to fill in the gaps in or mind. That's why when I talk about doing studies, when students do 'studies' of things like toasters or a butt or whatever, I say 'that's fine, but what did you LEARN?' WE are learning from the studies to gain more clarity. We work on or goals to gain clarity in our lives. You did a good thing coming to this largely on your own. Awesome. Completely.