Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i´m starting to see where this is going...but i´m not completely there yet =)
in these 2 i tried to work on 2-3 things only: visualize the drawing, focus on proportions and structure.

in the first one i didn´t focus much on structure, not hard to tell =), but i did intend to get proportions right and visualize it before drawing it. I think that visualizing it didn´t work at all, it´s hard to do it if you don´t have a way to separate all the little bits that create a so complex image i guess. Maybe i should try to focus on visualizing just the most important thing..the eyes for example..but that´s something i thought only now.. =) But as i said i did intend to work on the prportions...and as you can see...they really don´t work =) it´s a pretty fucked up face, eyes doing strange things, and so on...i felt a bit constrained by the charcoal, so i didn´t get to erase much, but still what i realized later i that...i wasn´t focusing on the proportions at all.

When i did the second one, i started with a not so positive mood, tried to visualize it longer, look at the relationships between the features, tried to draw it abit in my mind, but it didn´t really work that well at first...this time i worked with pencil so i was more carefully erasing and adjusting things...but it didn´t really seem to work well untill i decided that...i had to do it right...eheh otherwise why doing it? so i simply started to check for proportions with the pencil, and fix stuff. Eventually i saved a bit of the expression but still it´s not a good likeness. What is important though is that i actually felt like learning something ...maybe for the first time...i though, ok the chin and the turning of the lips are on the same vertical line....that´s something i can use in my nxt drawing, and i´m sure i will!!! uhm...but that was it ehehe i´m quite sure i thought about some more stuff i could remember but now i don´t really recall =) Anyway as i said i´m starting to see where this is going..and it´s very interesting =)

one more thing is that in the first one i neglected the use of measurements, because i feel that i´mso bad at eteballing proportions that i should try and do it without taking measurements, as an exercize. Now...that can be good if my goal is to learn guessing proportions...BUT if my goal is to learn the proportions of the face to remember them later on in another drawing...then i should by all means use measurements..otherwise i can´t really expect to learn much by guessing...=)

i feel good about this, i´ll force my-self to continue on this path ahah...

now some sleep, tomorrow life-drawing =)


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