Tuesday, November 4, 2008

week 2: goals!

1st image: (life)

2nd image: (mind)
all from immagination except the guy reading the book, wich is from life, a bit stylized though)

3rd image: (both)
from immagination, but reference was used from the dentist tools, the hands and the pose

4th image: (both)
i initially drew a guy from life, but then modified him with immagined elements


ok, so this weeks is about setting goals, find what you want to achieve and how. I think it´s very important, and i´ve been treying to think in this way for some time, i think it´s not possible to do much if you don´t know what you´re trying to do, but it´s really easy just to let everything go, and loose focus. So i printed a copy of the list i made, to help me focus on it =) I also try to find these goals in the things i regularly do. For example if i´m sitting on the bus, i´ll try to study people for anathomy and costum design. If i´m working on a line drawing, i´ll focus on line and from, and so on. This way i can come across the problems directly and solving them getting closer to my goal =)

Find you goal:
My goal as an artist is to work in the video game or movie industry, possibly Blizzard, or on a major hollywood production as a concept arist, or character designer/costume designer. I´d also like to work as a freelancer for some time, earning enough money to take a sort of journey around the world and experience different cultres and ways of living life. The ideal would be to produce and sell art while traveling, online would be my first thought, but i guess someone could also be willing to pay for portraits or other kind of art on the streets, so that could be another way of living. (aeraning money before by working as a concept artist, and then taking the journey could be another idea =) )

i like creating, i like exploring and knowing new stuff, i like learning from other people, i like interacting with other people. If i combine this things with my interest in the visual language, in drawing and painting things i think that working as a concept artist in some kind of group environmet, like a studio, game company or film, would be the ideal. Also counting my great interest in creating video games (ideas and concepts that is), i think it would be a really interesting and giving experience. I also like prople in general, i´m interested in the way people lives their life, as a source of inspiration for my self, and i like interacting with people, as i think that inteaction, if is developed in a get&give manner is a really powerfull and positive experience, and really a boost to once motivation in making the best out of your life. This is also why i´d like to be able to communicate as much as possible through my art, be able to inspire people, and if possible to inspire myself aswell hehe. for more or less the same reasons i wrote a I´m fascinated by other cultures and that´s why i´d like travel around the world and experience them, not just watch them, but experience their way to live life, i think would be great, there is so much to learn from others..

goal -> Work as a concept artist for Blizzard

- get hired
- have experience in the field, pubblished another AAA game
- get hired by a studio producing a AAA game.
- Stunning portfolio
- 10-15 pieces that show a broad range of skills applied to env, char, creat, props
- control over illustration fondamentals.
- achieve a good knowledge of the illustration fondamentals
- Study and practice the following subject to reach a good level of undestanding:
- Form
- Lines,
- values,
- color,
- composition,
- principles of design,
- perspective, creativity,
- anathomy,
- costume and architecture,
- visual storytelling,
- good knowledge of at least 1 digital painting and 3d program,
- lighting,
- texture,
- staging,
- detail,

- strong sense of from, shape, structure and silhouette.

- good attitude: self-motivation, good communication skills, team player attitude,

- ability to create design blueprints for sets of environments

- ability to carry an idea from conceptual phase to finished illustration.

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