Friday, November 21, 2008

moar stuffz

i did 2 from mind and reference, trying to select some specific areas to focus on, i tried to increase the number of things at a time, the ones i thought i could manage together, in the first one for example i chose: anathomy, color, values, creativity and detail. Eventually as soon as i started i forgot all of those i just kept anathomy and tried some creativity at the beginning. I´m a bit obsessed with time, in the sense that i tried to finish what i´m doing in around 2 hours whatever it is i´m doing, and since rendering takes much time i tend to rush the creative part at the beginning and hook up to the first idea the i have without developing cause i don´t want to loose time. Uhm..gah that´s stupid =) i developed this habit by looking at all those beautifully 2h sped up videos, and i think, if they do it in 2 hours i must be able to do it to...uhm...but i guess art is not a race and i have to give the drawings their time.
I also notced while doing the first that i tended to waste much time doodling between the first 10 minutes in wich i create the concept and the last 40 in with i render stuff out. That leaves more or less 70 minutes in wich i do nothing significant to the piece. ahah maybe that´s a bit too much but it gives the idea. I found the reason for this to be the fact that i can´t really decide on small stuff, i get caught in small details, like the stripes on a scarf for 10 minutes, and the paint everything over cause i realize the pose was wrong maybe, and when i´m back to the scarf, maybe i won´t even paint it xD
in the second painting then i tried to be a little more concrete, so after i had the basic idea down, (which took like 2 minutes, and didn´t evolve much from that ) i immediately started to render the face, as it´s the most importat spot, and would have define the character the most. After that i was already in render mode, so i rendered everything out without doodling much...i would say at all actually...uhm...but still the concept sucks so i´ll try to work more on that.
In the second i wanted to focus on anathomy, costume design, detail and texture. I got maybe none of them =) but i tried to get the materials right =) then i realized that materials and texture are no necessarily the same thing...i was paying attention to the way light hit the surface, and not to the surface itself...uhm
The backgrounds could use some more love =) but i wasn´t focusing on that...
i got more psycological stuff but it´s time to cook something now =)


Christian said...

Hey man ^^ SoulBeaver here :) First off, thanks for critiquing my drawings! It's a huge help (Tried some line weights today, hoo boy :P)

Anyway, I'll go crit some of your stuff now as well. First, the pirate. His head seems very, very small for such a body, and the camera angle doesn't foreshorten so I don't see why it's so ridiculously small xD The picture is very stylized in your paintbrushy way, but the overall appearance is still realistic which kinda dies with the small head.

Right now my eyes shift between the face and the gloves. I think the gloves were an unattended eye-catcher, but it's there. The rest of the picture looks a little washed, but fairly... done? The only quarrel I have is with his scarf. It looks like his head got chopped off, and somebody quickly ran into painter and used the spray can.

You wanted to focus on anatomy with the dude, so fix the left arm. The upper arm seems a little... odd. Like the socket started lower or the clothes hanging way too much off of his thin skin. The angle of the right arm seems either in motion or very, very uncomfortable. Try leaning your arm against the arms of a chair in that position- that is, your arm raised over the chair and the palm wedge of your hand touching the tip of it.-

There's something odd that strikes me about the upper/lower torso connection. It looks a bit twisted, but only very little and hardly noticeable. Feel free to disagree with me on that one :)

Now on to your spacewoman D: Don't rush the rendering! It's the most important part of drawing D: The facing is now so striking because of it's detail that I don't really enjoy looking at it. The rest is so unclear that I don't bother looking at it at all. I'm glad the focus is on the face, but I think the focus is on the face so much that I can't stand looking at it for too long :P Sorry if it sounds harsh, just trying to make my point :P

Next, helmets don't usually bend that much. That, or you purposefully drew the helmet as a slanted oval. The armor seems odd because it shows only four rectus abdominii (Sorry, those six pack things- what do you usually call it? I forgot xD). Again, your arms seem very thin. The same for the legs. That's not a criticism, it's just a fact :P If you like it like that, then cool.

But really, thats pretty emaciated for the fact that she has such a large rib cage.

All the criticisms aside, the pictures are pretty good ^^ Keep it up, and I'll comment on your next pictures too if you want ^^ Again, thanks for helping me :D

peppe said...

ehehe thanks, for taking the time to comment!!
yeah i agree with most of the stuff, when i posted it here i saw the arm and said: what is that? ahahah
thing is i wasn´t really trying to make a nice picture xD, actually not even a nice man i think, i was more focused on learning something, from it, wich i failed to do actually now that i think about it, but i appriciate me trying =) uhm...if i think back to the pictures i didn´t really pay much attention to what i was doing in terms of realism or they way they would have looked, and i realized that while reading your thanks for it eheheh
i´ll try to step out more, while painting...i actually nocited doing other character designs, that the more my mind is free maybe cause ´m watching a movie or doing something else, usually i end up looking at the picture with a fresher eye every time..instead of creating a sort of mental image of what i shold be creating, and when i´m actually not doing it..arghhh complicated!!! i´ll try to post more stuff this week and see if i can get a better hang of this idea myself =)
again thanks for commeting!

ruth2m said...

Hi, my name is Ruth....I saw your butcher in conceptart
I like so much your work!!
(my english is not very good, so sorry :P but I improve to talk in your blog because I like it so much)

See you!!

PD. Thanks for the vote, it's an honour for me, I admire your work

At first, I want to vote your picture for the first place...but it's so difficult to choose