Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1st week : intentions and introductions

The first week´s assignments are too introduce one´s self, state who we are, what we want to do, and post some samples of our work, the ones we like the most, aswell as the regular 3 sketches

- first three are my best pieces, and the followgin are the assignments again 1st 2 are from life, 2nd 2 are from imamgination, and 3rd mixed.


My name is giuseppe lacapra, i´m 23. I studied oriental languages for 4 years in an university in rome, without much interest. I´ve always wanted to draw, but wasn´t good at it, and i didn´t think it was possible to learn. ^^´ About 2 years ago i made this great discovery and so i started to learn to draw, and paint. I dropped university and now i´m studying art in sweden for the 2nd year, =)

ps. i´m mixing this assignments with other activities from ca.org, such as the daily sketch group, and concept art101 thread. =)

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