Tuesday, November 4, 2008

considerations after week 2

ok, reading thorugh the original thread, i think i missed at some points the idea of the three sketches. I wasn´t really going for the most realistic style, i was going for the style thati found i most wantd to draw in , in that particular moment. So maybe the choice of coupling these sketches with chows, and dsg, is not really suited, as they would probably require some specific styles, if i want to do a specific illustration or sketch on a topic, but that´s not necessairly true. What is impotant i think is more to understand the use i have to do of these sketches:
(copying from the thread)

Drawing from life/ reference. This is used in some way to stuff your brain with information that can later be recalled and applied to your imaginative artwork.

Drawing from imagination. This is used to show exactly where you are artistically, to show you what is (or isn't) in you brain that can be recalled.

Drawing that is partly referenced and partly from imagination. This should be your strongest works. what you want your imaginative work to eventually look like without having to reference.

i´m not really working much on the textures for example, so that´s something i have to pay more attention to, when i draw, both from mind and from life.

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