Sunday, December 7, 2008

weekly assignments 3 (part2)

1st: mind´+ref - i wanted to mix a spide with a bird, so i got this crazy idea of having this sort of feathered spider, that would like attract preys in the forest with all his colors and stuff. But when i got the idea in my mind, then i got stuck. I found it hard to do on painter, and didn´t really know what reference to look for, got discouraged and well saving to jpg i also lost all the nice colors =)

2nd: mind - 6 creatures from mind, each with a different number of legs, focusing on simple dominant shapes.

the rest: photo - copied some photos of the creatures i had to design from mind. Tried to focus on structure and basic shapes, mostly understanding what made them unique. I tried to be a bit more precise on the turtle to prove to myself that i could actuallly get some proportions right =)

ok, yay, i made it =)
today was ok, i had a pretty easy deadline so i took some time to finish the creature assignments i was doing yesterday. some more stuff from mind and then i finished the chart with the creatures from mmagination.

i think its important in this case to review what i´ve done otherwise i will go on and make the same mistakes the next time...and i time is enough =)

The quadruped and biped show problems in understanding the leg anathomy.

1: is ok i think
2: fits the requirements but it´s a very boring design.
3: fits the requirements, but has anathomical problems, also the design is not really strong.
4: no design, and problems with legs.
5: is ok, again weak design
6: same as above =)

i understand the types at least, but i need to be more immaginative, and get a better understanding of anathomy.

i also tried to do a life + mind sketch, but i made the mistake of trying to also learn paint while doing it....and that thinking back was stupid, cause i couldn´t concentrate on the sketch...i was mostly trying to figure out how to do things. It actually worked ok at the beginning when i was working just wth the pattern brush, and the lasso tool and without any real idea in mind. But when i got some ideas going, then i felt like i didn´t have the knowledge to pull it off. So was just wandering through the painting waiting for a miracle that didn´t happen...
i wasn´t actually believing i would pull it off either =)

i had some thoughts about beliefs but i forgot them now, i´m getting sleepy and tomorrow will be a tough day, so i´ll better get some rest =)

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