Sunday, December 14, 2008

take action immediately!

1st and 2nd: photo. tried to focus on proportion and gesture. I think the proportions are ok, the structure is a bit lacking in the first, bette rin the second. Got problems with foreshorening and change of axis in general. Especially in the first on the bent leg doesn´t really have a precise position in space. Also i should work with cleaner lines, otherwise it gets all messy =(

3rd: ref/noref: Used a photo ref for the pose, then tried to get some clothing on, but i had scribbled so many lines on top of him, that i had to scribble even more to get some clothing on top of him, the result: mess!!!! i gave up as i thought it was hopeless =§

4th: no ref: yesterday and the day before i studied some staging and composition related to environment desing. so i tried to make something out of it, and prove to myself that i could do some interesting thumbnails. I think the composition is ok, they are simple, not crowded, they guide to the focal point very easily (except the 1st and the last one =)). Most of them don´t show any mood or story behind the image. Mostly because i didn´t really have any in mind =§ my process was start with nothing in mind, and try to get inspired by what i was drawing. i drew slow and using different brushes for every thumbnail (airbrushed used in all to the get values together). But after getting the first inspiration, like : "oh cool let´s do like a mountain that looks like a myriapoda!" then i didn´t really create a story behind the piece, or a mood that should come through.
One exception was the thumbnail in the top-right corner. I wanted to do something different, and start from a story. So i took a piece of the warcraft lore, where these huge titans rule over worlds and they try to bring equilibrium everywhere and so on, and i tried to think of a possible place for them to live. And immagined that someone was to find that place, and it would look giant and scary..but again...i feel like it failed in a classic: mountain with a skull head. If i think about it now there are lots of ideas, moods, and sories i could have come up with, but when i was doing it i just found it hard to think and paint at the same time...and i usually painted rather than think. =)

so, after doing the plan, i then forced me to take action immediately!
i wrote in the plan that as a way to evaluate my progress i should realy on some numbers (maybe i´ve put too many, but it´s a start).
So instead of starting from tomorrow with 3 studies posted here, and 1 in the sketchbook, i´ll start from today!
i won´t be able to comment on other artists stuff cause i need sleep in order to begin my plan of action tomorrow with a good start =)

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