Sunday, January 4, 2009

still alive!

it´s been a while!
during these 2 weeks i´ve been finishing jumping around finishing a christmas present we´ve been working on since october, meetig with friends, eating with relatives and sleeping eheh
unfortunately i´ve been completely dazed and confused and i lost track of my plans, my goals and all i had started earlier. for christmas i recieved a book on drawing action poses, and since it was the last thing i was studying before stopping i thought it would have been interesting to try and follow the book. I found it very interesting, and well written and these sketches are a sort of excercises done after the book. i´m not completely sure on what to do tomorrow, i have skipped 2 weeks on my plan, the ones on the human figure, and so i should start studying environments, composition and lighting tomorrow. I think i´ll do that, as i really think i´m weaker at environments than i am at drawing figures.
me and some friends have started doing a flash game, dunno if we´ll make it to the end, but i´ll t my best to keep them interested and writing code. i´m the only artist so it will be challanging i think..also cause it´s my first time doing a flash game =) tomorrow i´ll start doing some concepts for the chaatcers and i´ll try to post something.
i also need to spend some time redesigning some existing characters as trent kaniuga sudgested me. i bought starcraft to play, study it and redesing some characters but i didn´t find much time to play xD
sleep now!

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