Sunday, January 18, 2009

here we go again!

ok, so it´s been a month, and i haven´t done much. Christmas time + italy + too much lazyness brought me very little.
I changed my plan a couple of times cause i thought it wasn´t really getting me anywhere. If i want to become a concept artist, then i have to do concept art. Studies will help me explain my ideas, but what´s most important is to have good ideas, to practice concepting and devolping ideas. This is what i think at the moment, but this also implies that every idea must be visualized, and that´s where you´ll understand what you need to get better at, and what you need to study.
The end goal is to explain an idea, so you first need the idea, and then you need the skills to explain it in a clear and interesting way.
As you find problems you then study them separately as you go along.
So, my plan will now focus more directly on concept art, and i´ll do studies to do better art =)
I intend to take some original stories and design their characters and environments. I´m not sure if i should go with many short stories or one big one, but i think small stories with not so many characters will give me more freedom, i will be able to take my time, and eventually do more then one, so revisit the process a few times.

Also i think i found out what is the purpose of studies: you study from life to see what you can do, trying to make it your own; then you do it by yourself trying to master the skill you just learnt from life.
You study in art, as you would study in math: you can´t do something, so you learn how to do it.

this i realized in the last 2 days, but haven´t put it into practice.
the image is a study i did from an indiana jones movies, trying to understand who rocks, waterfalls where shaped in a certain location in the film


Carlos Ranna said...

These thumbs are great, my friend! Do you intend to blown them up and finish one of them?

kazoo said...

hey! du kan ju inte bara följa min blogg i smyg utan att änns tala om att du bloggar själv ;).
take care!