Monday, January 5, 2009


1.2.3: ref: i tried to analize some images composition. the focal point who they lead the eye there and how the canvas was divided. also repetition of shapes. images in the first pic are Philip straub´s while those in 2nd and 3rd are dylan cole´s.
4th mind; i tried to invent some environments on the theme: space dementhia. i wanted to define a focal point and guide the viewr there. also i tried to give a sense of mood with composition. mainly chaos, or an unconfortable feeling,
5th both: i used an image by philip straub as a guide for the composition and tried to modify it, then i got some different ideas on who to change som concepts by wathcing other references, but didn´t have the time to refine those ideas.
6th. as i said yesterday i started a project for a flash game iwith some friends and here are some concepts for the main character in the game. should be some exploding guy, if anyone played mario64 for ds, the idea follows that of the bomb minigame.

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