Saturday, February 27, 2010

let´s get it on

so, this week as i promised to myself, i did all th sketches! yay
let´s get this hing rolling again =)

i still have some kind of insecutiry when drawing and painting, sometimes i´m afrai to start, sometimes i´m afraid to continue and just trash the drawing.
I think especially in the second case, that it is due to a lack of commitment to the sketch, and if it doesn´t look great in the first 10 minutes then i don´t really bother continuing and correcting it.
in the first case i think i just have the wrong id on why i´m draing.
I usually start to test techniques and methods to get the work down, without having an actual idea of what i´m going to draw..i´m just thinking of how to draw it. So i start empty headed and it becomes just a blob of lines...

so the next step, is having something in mind to draw and then commit to it! yay

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