Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It was a while since i came here and updated hehe
it´s quite crazy here in my mind right now, lots of things jumping and running in my head, and in the meanwhile i´m trying to set up a portfolio both to get a job and to get into an art school.
I´m really interested in highschool in gotland (sweden), they have different game educations, and it looks like a lovely place to be =)

i´m trying to get the hang out of 3d modeling aswell =) modeling it´s ok, texturing is what i struggle the most =) eheheh
i´ve always had a hard time with it, and i´m starting to think that it has something to do with my inner self, eheheh maybe i have to change my-self in order to be able to properly texture a 3d character...=) it actually make quite sense to me...and i´ll try that asap =p

i´m gonna start to get 3 drawing done every week...this time fore real!!! yeah!!!


kazoo said...

Kul att se lite uppdatering! Hoppas du kommer in på Gotland. Skolan vet jag inget om men Gotland är helt underbart =).

peppe said...

snällt av dig att alltid skriva i min blog!
alla säger att gotland är fin, hopas att jag ska få se den också! =p

Troca Dream Team said...

Peppe.. 3D-animering; testa Cinema 4D. Där är texturerna väldigt lätta, och mycket verklighetstrogna. Sen kan du alltid fota för texturering, det blir grymt! /Jocke