Wednesday, March 24, 2010

note to self

i haven´t written here in a loooong time, but i´ve actually been elaborating something to write in the last days. So today i took a walk and while making a lot of huuuuge discoveries, i wrote down a few that i´ll try to explain now to my self, and to those who´ll happen to read this.

I don´t remember how bu i came to the conclusion, some days ago, that especially in concept art, the most important part of the process is the one where you sit down and think about what it is that you´re about to draw. I´v actually always thought so, but i´ve never done it. What i mean is that drawing in concept art, is only a way to communicate an idea to other, ou can do it by words as well, but since the result will be showed as images, at some point in the process someone had to convert the "most awesome idea in the world" into something graphic.
I´ve come to realize that my concerns when drawing were mostly restricted to how i was doing it, and not so much about what i was doing. Of course, especially in concept art, i believe the whole point is that you know what you are doing, otherwise you don´t even have a reason to start.
I´ve lways thought it muh easier to draw for someone else, than for my self. If someone asks me to draw a concept for him/her, i think it´s challenging, interesting, fun, easy, inspiring and any other positive feelings. But when it comes to doing something for myself, i always get frustrated, out of ideas, bored, and all the negative feelings. =)
Another thing that relates to this is my being unable to look at my drawings and get inspired by them. I see people looking at my worst scribbles, (the ones i would scribble on to avoid anyone seeing there was a drawing there. Like scribbles on a word that is spelled uncorrectly =) ) This is quite interesting and i think it depends by my looking at my drawing not for what they are, but or what i wish they where (masterpieces). I think getting inspired by one´s own art is one of the most difficult things, as one needs to be in peace and in harmony with what one is doing, and that means that one has to know what one i doing, and accept it as perfect.

to wrap it up, i see now the next step to take in my journey to have fun with art and get paid for it =)

1. i think about what i will draw and draw to illustrate my ideas.

2. i think about the steps needed to visualize the thing i have in mind and then draw it.

3. i think about what i´m drawing

4. i am inspired by my own drawings

5. i draw perfectly and i enjoy it

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